Our Traditional

Dolcetto d'Ovada D.O.C.

Marne Nero

Obtained through the vinification of indigenous Dolcetto grapes, hand-picked. It displays an intense ruby red color and reveals itself on the palate with pleasantly structured and fragrant vinous notes.
Marne Nero is a delightful surprise for everyday meals. It pairs excellently with pasta dishes, meats, and cheeses.
Serve at a temperature of 18/20°C in a medium-sized wine glass

Gavi D.O.C.G.

Marne Bianco

Obtained through the vinification of indigenous Cortese grapes, hand-picked. It presents a bright
straw yellow color.
Produced through the traditional vinification of Cortese grapes in the Gavi territory, it best expresses the characteristics of clarity in appearance and aroma, asserting itself with its savory and mineral structure. Marne Bianco represents the classic product par excellence for our winery, to be enjoyed as an
aperitif or with a full meal, especially with fish-based dishes.
Serve chilled in medium-sized wine glasses.

Our Trei Fiöi

Monferrato rosso D.O.C.

Marne Rosso

Obtained through the vinification of fully ripe red grapes, hand-picked, and aged in oak barrels for a whole year. Afterwards, it is blended in large casks where it further refines for several months.

In its third year, it reaches the necessary maturation to be bottled.
Marne Rosso represents a quality choice for our winery, aimed at satisfying the most discerning
palates. It pairs excellently with braised meats, stews, and game dishes, and it also complements
intense-flavored fish dishes (e.g., Ligurian-style stockfish).
Serve in medium-sized wine glasses at around 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Gavi d.o.c.g.

Marne Oro

Obtained through the vinification of fully golden grapes, hand-picked from selected vineyards, it
matures for several months in concrete tanks, with regular stirring (Batonage) to keep the Fine Lees in suspension, thus enriching it with aromatic and structural characteristics. The result is a full-bodied and harmonious wine that pairs well with fish dishes and cheeses.
Serve chilled in medium-sized wine glasses.

Monferrato Chiaretto

Marne Rosa

Obtained through the “white” vinification of fully ripe red grapes (Dolcetto) hand-picked from our vineyards.
Marne Rosa is characterized by a delicate structure, derived from the tannin-rich grapes vinified in
This wine exhibits a refined structure and represents the alternative/mediated choice for our winery, bridging the gap between a traditional white and a full-bodied red. Excellent as an aperitif and paired with a variety of dishes, it is particularly enjoyable when paired with cold cuts and raw meat dishes.
Serve chilled in medium-sized wine glasses.

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